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"Angus is one of the most remarkable athletes Australia has ever produced. To have represented his country in two very different disciplines – High Jumping and Swimming – is unprecedented anywhere in the world."

Alan Jones, Media Commentator

"There's a good reason only one athlete in history has represented Australia in athletics and swimming, and that's because it's so difficult...I dare say Kieren Perkins and Ian Thorpe would have struggled to develop any speed over the ground; but on the water, they both were exceptional...

...Angus Waddell was that rare breed who was as graceful on land as he was in the water and I certainly felt privileged to have covered his sporting career."

Wayne Smith, Senior Sports Writer
The Australian

"Angus was an extremely important member of our squad... He was one of the most co-operative, diligent and hard working athletes I have had the pleasure to coach.


While achieving Commonwealth and Olympic representation, Angus has the ability to relate to people at all levels, and consequently remains a popular figure within the swimming fraternity."   


Michael Bohl - Multiple National Swim Team Coach Australia (1990 – present)

Olympic swimmer Angus Waddell
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